Executive Director, Software Engineering for Corporate Investment Bank


J.P. Morgan Chase


Jason Nelson


Secure By Design: Codified Controls For Cloud Services

This talk will introduce the approach used by JPMorgan Chase & Co. to approve cloud services for enterprise use in an accelerated timeline. This idea and method are now a project in the FINOS FDX program and we will use the collective efforts of members and the wider community to build codified controls for cloud services so that we all can leverage secure by design cloud services. Join us to learn more about existing methods, planned future work and how to get involved.


Jason Nelson is Executive Director, Software Engineering for Corporate Investment Bank of JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Jason is the project lead for FINOS FDX Cloud Service Certification project. He spent his 20+ year career practicing information security as a penetration tester, security architect, management, consulting advisor, and many other roles unnamed performed around the world. He has had a passion for information security in many forms which continues to evolve with each year. In the few hours away from information security Jason likes travel with his family to places warmer than Chicago.