Existing FINOS projects will continue to operate normally. Over time we may introduce new and different services as we leverage the Linux Foundation's infrastructure.

All executed ICLAs and CCLAs will remain valid: there is no need to execute a new one.

There will be no initial requirement to migrate project infrastructure.

As part of FINOS' ongoing focus on improving successful collaboration we may suggest moving onto new infrastructure, but this will be done over time and with appropriate support.


Existing FINOS memberships will continue to be valid but members will need to sign a new agreement. Please contact if you have specific questions about this.

Yes, Members will need to sign a FINOS participation agreement and also become Linux Foundation Members. Contact if you have specific questions.

FINOS membership fees will remain the same as do member benefits. We do expect to offer additional benefits to Members as we complete our transition to becoming the financial services vertical of the Linux Foundation.

Note that new FINOS members will also be required to become Linux Foundation members, if they are not already.


Yes, but only slightly. The existing Board of Directors will become the Governing Board of FINOS and will retain responsibility for the budget and direction of FINOS but will no longer have fiduciary responsibility. 

Program and Project governance does not change as a result of joining the Linux Foundation but we have already proposed changes to the structure of Programs and this change is expected to move forward.

  • The FINOS Bylaws are replaced by the Funding Charter, which substantially replicates the existing governance. The Board will have the same oversight and responsibilities. 
  • The FINOS IP Policy remains unchanged [except that the FINOS Trademark Guidelines are replaced by the LF Projects Trademark Policy, which are substantially identical in scope]. (Note: I'm waiting for a response from Scott re: the bracketed portion.)
  • The Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA) and Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA) remain unchanged. Members who have already executed a CCLA do not need to execute a new one; the existing CCLA is binding on Linux Foundation as FINOS's successor.
  • The FINOS Membership Agreement and Member Policies (which define member fees) are replaced by the Participation Agreement (your membership agreement in the FINOS project of the Linux Foundation) and your LF Membership Agreement.
  • The FINOS Conflicts of Interest Policy remains unchanged. 

General questions

The transaction is in progress and the full transition is expected to take several months.

No. This move will only grow the FINOS global footprint and rate of growth. We will retain independence and the vertical focus on the financial services industry.

No. FINOS members must also be members of the Linux Foundation.

However, we continue to encourage contributors to host as many projects with the Foundation as they wish, provided they follow the contribution process.

We will work with the Linux Foundation events team to run all Open Source Strategy Forums. The Linux Open FinTech Forum will be merged with OSSF, combining forces for great future events.

No. Day-to-day operations will remain the same, as the FINOS team and governing board retain independence. As we complete the transition, we may introduce changes and will keep our Members and Community informed.