At the crossroads of artificial intelligence, open source and Financial Services


This SIG will create a collaborative space for industry leaders to collectively develop frameworks and policies designed to enable the effective, safe, trustworthy and compliant deployment of generative AI technologies.



Lead the development of guidelines & frameworks that will shape the application of AI in financial services

There is strong demand from financial institutions for collaboratively developing approaches, guidelines and frameworks to address the unique challenges of adopting AI (and open source + AI) in financial services. FSIs have a critical need for AI adoption guidelines and frameworks that particularly focus on:

  • Regulation
  • Compliance
  • Bias
  • Trust

The goal of this SIG is to provide a space to discuss challenges that are common to all members. Potential outputs include:

  • A governance framework that manages the on-boarding, development of, and running AI-based solutions within FS organizations
  • Operating models to engage with regulators
  • General awareness, education and training

Who should get involved?

FSI/Banks: Developer Experience, Cloud Governance, Architecture - accelerate your firms’ adoption of GenAI by co-developing with fellow leaders on themes including threat models as well risk frameworks and mitigations.

Regulators - join this venue for engaging with market participants on topics such as language and frameworks for defining regulations in line with different territorial approaches.

For vendors & practitioners: AI Innovators, product companies, hyperscalers - add your leadership and expertise in creating the industry blueprint and better understand your customers' challenges in adopting GenAI based solutions.


Currently only open to FINOS members - email to be added to the meetings and activities.

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