DIRECTOR of infrastructure




Maurizio Pillitu


Open Developer Platform: An Interactive Discussion Driving Community Tooling

The FINOS Open Developer Platform (ODP) consists of 1) a core set of collaboration services to facilitate communication and decision making, 2) developer tooling and infrastructure and 3) a set of hosted platforms to manage FINOS programs, projects and working groups. The ODP working group within the FDX program is responsible for curating, prioritizing and sequencing work on these services, tooling, and platforms.

This session is great for individuals new to the ODP as well as those who have been steering work on the ODP since inception. Join us for an interactive discussion on the current state and top priorities for future development.


15+ years of experience in the ICT industry covering different positions: Devops Director, Release Manager, Project and Team Leader, Sales Engineer, Technical Trainer/Speaker, Software Developer/Architect. Passionate about Application Lifecycle Management, with a strong background on release management and deployment automation. Apache Committer and Open Source fan/advocate, always keen on contributing to Open Source projects.