Leslie Spiro


FDC3 API, delivering an open source implementation for everyone

Glue42 have developed an open source, vendor agnostic implementation of FDC3 designed to run on any Bus. FDC3 applications, using Morgan Stanley’s Desktop.JS, will run in desktop browsers and in containers. Dynamic integration with important 3rd party Hosts, focusing on Refinitiv Eikon, will then be shown.

Demos run on Deutsche Bank’s Plexus broker, and on Glue42 with no code changes.

A brief overview of the architecture and the steps required to support a new Host will be presented.


Leslie is a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded SD&C who delivered the first Windows-based Reuters workstation, jointly created the RTT real-time market data platform as part of Dealing Object Technology before becoming a co-founder of EasyScreen, a derivatives trading system that floated on the LSE. He is an active member of FINOS working on the FDC3 and Desktop Services program and sits on the steering committee of the OpenMama project.