Top Bank, Legal and Software Industry Executives to Keynote at the Open Source Strategy Forum
Deutsche Bank to showcase first contribution to open source technology

Palo Alto, CA - October 19, 2017, Symphony Software Foundation (the Foundation), the nonprofit organization fostering open source innovation in financial services, today announced the keynote speakers for its upcoming Open Source Strategy Forum on November 8 at BNY Mellon. Registration is open today.

Center stage will feature keynote presentations by leaders from the financial services, legal and open source communities:

  • Amber Baldet, Executive Director, Blockchain Program Lead, J.P. Morgan: Quorum: How blockchain is becoming an open source success story for J.P. Morgan
  • Karen Copenhaver, Partner, Choate Hall & Stewart LLP: Enlightened Self-Interest: Why and How Companies Collaborate to Build and Maintain Essential Infrastructure
  • Matt Hicks, Vice President, Engineering, Red Hat: Open Source Sparks Innovation
  • whurley (William Hurley), Managing Director, Goldman Sachs: Quantum Computing, Open Source and the Future of the Financial Services Industry
  • John Stecher, Managing Director – Group Head of Open Innovation & Rise, Barclays: Open Source & Innovation Center Success
  • Paul Walker, Technologist & Philanthropist: The Case for Open Source Software, Revisited

Gabriele Columbro, Executive Director, Symphony Software Foundation, said, “As in other industries undergoing digital transformation, open source is fueling the next wave of fintech innovation, above and beyond blockchain. But with disruptive innovation comes great risk, and that’s where open standards for APIs and data formats ensure the industry can fully unleash the business value of these technologies. This is why Wall Street needs to figure out an effective engagement strategy for open collaboration. The Foundation is very pleased to host the Open Source Strategy Forum to be a catalyst of this change.”

David Wayne, Managing Director and Head of Electronic Trading and Strategic Analytics at Deutsche Bank, said, “Deutsche Bank contributed code to the Symphony Foundation because we believe that open source collaboration benefits the industry as a whole. Our clients are increasingly seeking flexible open source solutions and collaborating in this way can help us enhance our products and services while reducing costs.”

Paul Walker, Technologist and Philanthropist, said, “The open source software movement is one of the more important and successful examples of collective problem solving that we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Communicating the benefits of open source effectively to non-technologists - including those in financial services - can be a challenge. I look forward to sharing my experience and my strategies for effective open source advocacy at OSSF.”

The Open Source Strategy Forum is made possible by platinum sponsors BNY Mellon, Black Duck Software, GitHub, NodeSource, and WhiteSource. Our media partners are The Linux Foundation and Rise New York.

The day prior to the conference, on November 7, NodeSource is hosting a one-day workshop in New York, covering a wide variety of best practices for building and deploying Node.js applications in production. Learn more and register here.

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