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Symphony Software Foundation March Issue
Symphony Software Foundation March Newsletter 2017

Dear Community,

Welcome to our second issue of the Symphony Software Foundation newsletter. We’re excited to share all that has happened since our previous newsletter - and it’s a LOT! - and most importantly upcoming events and initiatives you will want to be involved in.

In 2011, Marc Andreessen said that “software is eating the world,” but what he couldn’t predict at the time (sorry, Marc!) is the continuous rise and growth of the open source movement, from a fundamentally individuals-driven initiative to a strategic CIO-level concern in the enterprise architecture and technology strategy of pretty much any industry. It’s no surprise then that even venture capitalists are now righteously saying that in fact, open source is eating the world.

This is more than apparent if you look at our numbers. 2016 was a landmark year for us: we saw the increased open source availability of the Symphony platform, the ratification of a new membership tiering inclusive of the whole industry and a focus on OSS readiness and compliance of the ecosystem. Under the transparent guidance of the Engineering Steering Committee (ESCo), the Foundation now boasts more than 45 open source projects, three active working groups and more than 20 member firms. Especially if you are a data-geek, learn more about our community in this excellent piece by our VP of technology, Peter Monks.

The bottom line is that we are seeing an awakening of the financial services industry - firms are ready to strongly embrace open source as well as more open collaboration.

Now, with 2017 well underway, our focus is to lead the transformation of the way the industry collaborates on common technology strategies and solutions. Some firms are certainly leading the way on this path (see how open source plays already a key role in Capital One strategy), but many factors are showing us the entire ecosystem is ready (and craving) open innovation.

On this note, with our recent announcement of three new silver members, ChartIQ, The Beast Apps and Tick42, we are starting to execute on the promise of a leveled playing field for the whole ecosystem on the Symphony platform, including younger and innovative fintech players. I want to personally welcome our new members to the Foundation!

I hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter. As always, don’t hesitate to send us your feedback on how we operate or topics you’d like to see covered. After all, we are here to serve you, our community.

In conclusion, we truly believe 2017 is going to be a disruptive year for our community and for the financial services industry at large - and you have an opportunity to be at the forefront of this revolution by joining our community and/or becoming a member!

Gabriele Columbro
Executive Director - Symphony Software Foundation

Members Focus 

First and foremost, welcome to our newest members: ChartIQ, The Beast Apps and Tick42! You can read all the details in our press release here.

We also welcomed our first at-large member, Colin Eberhardt!
"Through a combination of collaboration and innovation, open source software has become increasingly important to the financial services community. However, we are still primarily consumers of open source, rather than contributors and creators. Through the Symphony Software Foundation, I'd really like to see the financial services community start to become more visible and active members of the open source community," said Colin of his recent membership within the Foundation.

We have newly elected board members - Krishna Nathan (CIO, S&P Global Market Intelligence) and Mazy Dar (CEO, OpenFin) were elected to the Board of Directors by the Foundation’s gold members.

We also have new advisors to the Engineering Steering Committee - Venkata Vajipeyajula (Markets Head of Technology, Citigroup) and Nicholas Kolba (CTO, OpenFin) were elected to serve as advisors to the Engineering Steering Committee.

Curious about the value of open source readiness in financial services? Read our latest blog by Aaron Williamson, our general counsel and director of governance.

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Contributor Spotlight

Matt_Joyce_SymphonyMatt Joyce, Symphony  

Special thanks to Matt Joyce, a senior DevOps engineer at Symphony, who spoke with us about his contributed projects and how open source is valuable in creating useful tools that work for customers. 

Read more here and learn about all of the exciting work he is contributing to our open source community.

Project Highlights

Python-symphony: the Symphony python client module provides a real-time wrapper around the Symphony REST APIs to simplify the creation of chat sessions, room access, presence, messaging and more.

Metronome: a project that leverages python-symphony, metronome is a Symphony bot designed to provide end-to-end diagnostic information to the Symphony Engineering Services team.

Symphony integrations: Symphony brought many integrations to the Foundation during Symphony Innovate back in October. Read our guest post by Vincent Gurle, associate product manager at Symphony, to learn more about these the open source roadmap of these integrations and how to build your own.


Our last survey was overwhelmingly positive: 100 percent of the respondents said that they can access cloud development infrastructure (GitHub, Travis, etc.). Great to hear and thank you to all who participated!

Please answer our one-question survey, and be sure to check out the results in our next newsletter!

Blog Spotlight

Open source is taking over the world! We reviewed the software development trends shaping enterprise - and found the top trend not at all surprising.

Missed our webinar, An introduction to the Symphony Software Foundation project life cycle? This is your opportunity to watch the replay or review the presentation

In the News

WatersTechnology: Symphony Software Foundation Adds Three New Members

Intelligent Trading Technology: Symphony Software Foundation Looks to Leverage New Fintech Members

FTF News: ChartIQ, Beast Apps & Tick42 Join Open Source Group


FinJS NYC 2017, March 15: Our own Executive Director Gabriele Columbro will speak at FinJS NYC about our Open Developer Platform. The platform combined with the recently open sourced Symphony integration framework redefines productivity when solving real intra- and inter-firm collaboration business cases on the trading desk and beyond, leveraging the Symphony platform. The event starts at 5:30 p.m.

FinDEVr New York 2017, March 21 & 22: Join us at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan for an inspiring hackathon-graphic.pngtwo-day conference, featuring a speaking session by our own Executive Director Gabriele Columbro. Gab is taking the stage on March 22 at 3:45 p.m.

Open Innovation Challenge Silicon Valley: Calling all developers in the Symphony community, members of the Foundation and any open source enthusiasts looking to drive open fintech innovation. Join us for a day-long hackathon at Deutsche Bank Labs Silicon Valley in Palo alto on April 6, 2017. More details to come! In the meantime, you can pre-register here.

Previous events recap

Webinar. Earlier this week, our own Peter Monks presented the refined Foundation project life cycle. Missed it and want to learn more? You can replay the webinar here. 

Linux Foundation’s Open Leadership Summit. In mid-February, the Foundation attended the Linux Foundation’s Open Leadership Summit, an event that brought together open source luminaries from across a wide variety of industries, backgrounds and geographies.

Of particular interest were the sessions on automating open source license compliance, most of which revolved around the SPDX Linux Collaborative Project and associated tooling such as Fossology. This is especially relevant to the Foundation in that we perform licensing checks during project contribution, and those checks are currently complicated by the variability in how open source projects declare their licenses and dependencies.

Interested in hosting a developer event or meetup? We can sponsor and power development!

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